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My Dreams that I will share with you.

A dream of mine is that one day womyn will bleed together, like they did in ancient days.  Whole villages of womyn would have their menstrual cycle together.  There is a spiritual significance of the menstrual cycle, and we need to reconnect in order to empower ourselves.  We need to form community again, and become one.  Together we are strong.

Another dream of mine is that one day Christians will come forward and say, "We were wrong for burning the womyn healers".  I know in my heart that if I had lived in that era that I too would have been burned at the stake.  I have a deep craving for my craft that does not stop.  My heart bleeds when I think of innocent womyn in huge numbers being tortured for their love of something that is so part of them that they can never let it go.  I would like a huge monument to glorify the witch.  I want the word witch to mean healer again.

There was a time when I was a battered wife.  From this experience,  I dream that the world will realize what causes these women to stay with the person that batters them.  I stayed in the relationship for 7 years.  Did I like it?  The answer is "NO!"  I prayed for his death.  So many times I have heard,  they must like it because they stay.  The truth was that I was scared for my life, and for my son.  On all of my attempts to leave, I was stalked and things always became worse.  Those who could help become afraid as well.   After being beaten and told negative things, it becomes reality.  I believe it to be some what like brain washing.  Your mind is not clear.  I was sometimes afraid to look people in the eye because I felt so ugly.  It was his end results.  How he wanted me to feel this way because it gave him all control.  Thanks to lots of prayer and love from the Universe, I am strong, pretty, and able to come forward with my dreams.  There are still women out there in my old shoes, and I light candles for them during the Full Moon, and I  shed their tears.  My X-husband has remarried and the cycle remains.  Please pray for his wife.  If you know of such a women, know that she too has her dreams, and no she does not like her situation. Send out prayers for her.  Bright Blessings.   Darlene

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