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Princess Rivers

Once upon a time and even till this day, there lives a Princess of Rivers in the Dream Castle.  Late during the nite she  leaves the castle to capture the negative thought forms that create what we call bad dreams.  Back at the Castle, she  bottles and corks the negative thought forms.  Carefully she corks and waxes each one by the waning moon..  The castle's shelves and tables  were completely full of such bottles.    The contents of each transformed bottle are  horrid looking .  Over periods of time the captured thought forms  transform.  Now from time to time, Princess Rivers' cats knock over and break one of these bottles.  The released contents of bottles is what we experience as nightmares.  Don't be afraid of these night mares, don't turn from them, face them.  They no longer have any power.  It has all been lost during their transitions into the ugly creatures that they are.  Blessed Be!        Darlene