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I became interested in Shamanism during my research on Tarot.  I found a  book written by  Michael Harner.  He is a well known Shaman that studied the Jivaro [HEE-varo] Indians on the forested eastern slopes of Ecuadorian.  He, also,  researched the Upper Amazon forest cultures. He is the author of The Way of the Shaman, and which he shares his experiences as a Shaman and explains how to become a Shaman.  I personally loved the book, and I got a lot out of it.  After reading the book and purchasing the drumming tape, solo and double drumming that was advertised in Harner's book, I was able to take a Shamanic Journey, also.  On the other hand, I don't recommend buying tape until you have read the book.          Blessed Be!

My First Shamanic Journey

I took a long hot bath and relaxed then I put my animals outside, and tied a cloth around my eyes  I put on my new Shamanic Drumming tape .  I laid still on the carpet in the living room and pictured in my mind a cave in a wooded area.  I entered my cave, and it was very dark.  I could smell the damp earth.  I could also feel something hovering behind me.  Since I don't know how to see well out of my third eye (my psychic eye), I was unable to know what was following me.  I felt no danger.  After being in the dark a long time, I decided to go another way.  I seen a crack in the caves floor and decided to imagine myself becoming water to go through that opening.  I turned to water, but I kept thinking that I had to keep myself together and not to scatter myself.  I thought this and clouds and light started swirling.  So I said it over and over again for that result.  At that particular point, I thought to myself I'm here.  I have reached my designation.  I don't know what plane I was on, but I had reached one different from ours on earth.  I wished I had more knowledge and knew where I was.  All of a sudden, the clouds and light were gone and I was running through heavy fog.  I felt like a child running, then I was not running, but I could see a girl running through the fog.  I seen several girls at different times standing in the fog holding on to dolls.  The Drumming tape has an ending where it does drumming for your return, I could hear a call for my return.  I returned and wrote down my experience.