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Affirmations work!

One of the first things that I learned, affirmations do work and they have a place in witch craft.  Put together a list of things that you would like to change in your life.  For example:  I felt very stupid almost all my life.  That fact has always been programmed into my brain.  First by my parents who liked to call me ignorant, or tell me that I did not have the brain that I was born with.  Second by a battering Husband.  So the first thing on my list was:  I want to feel very intelligent.  From this list create affirmations.  example:  My first affirmation was- I am a very intelligent womyn.
other affirmations that I created was:
-I am a creative center that gives off benefits to everyone
-I attract all the good things in life that I deserve
-I give thanks for all the riches that come to me
-I believe in the power of my mind
-I am a channel for riches and abundance
-People pay me good money for my services
-Every dollar that I spend returns to me three-fold
-I am as I believe I am
-Riches of all sorts are drawn to me
-Whatever I do prospers
-I attract my share of wealth and possessions
-I am thankful for all the good that comes to me
-I welcome my prosperity with open arms
-I am totally open and receptive to abundance

Create your own affirmations,  do not add negative terms such as if or when.  Use positive terms affirming that these things are happening.  Repeat your affirmations out loud every morning.  Include it with your morning routine.  Do this for 30 days.  I promise  that you will feel the results.