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Tarot was the beginning of a long journey for me

During my studies on Tarot, I found an interest in many things.  I now study Shamanism, Ancient Religion's History, and Wicca.  I am a born-again-pagan.  I believe in past lives, astral travel, and I listen to my dreams.  I have so many interest that my knowledge on each subject does not run deep, but my love for, and my longing for the knowledge is deep.  I have a constant craving for my craft. 
I sometimes offer a free tarot reading over the net, please submit
your name and email address.  You will be contacted within a week.  Below I have entered some sites that will give you a free brief Tarot Reading, enjoy!

For a free Tarot Reading

I especially liked this site.  I visit it quite often.  You can have your runes read as well as Tarot

One card Reading

This site is good too.